Can I wait at home in my community until my name comes up on Serenity Lodge’s wait list?


Once the application is completed by the senior, they can wait wherever they are presently living until they receive the call from the DHW’s placement office that there is a space available for them at Serenity Lodge.

When an opening becomes available the Administration notifies the DHW’s  Placement office as to the availability. The placement officer checks the file to see who is next on the facility’s list. The placement office notifies the family contact and they are asked if they still are interested in this facility.

Note :  As stated a senior can stay at their primary home, within their community; can live in  a private pay senior’s  home, live with a relative etc. while they wait for their name to become the next on the wait list  for Serenity lodge, or any other facility that is part of the single entry process within Continuing Care. This can continue until a bed becomes available to them in their facility of choice.

When a bed becomes available in the 2nd choice facility, a senior may refuse the second place facility, and continue to wait for their first choice facility. A senior that refuses their first choice….maybe  because their health situation has improved at that time, would have to remove their name from the first choice’s wait list at that time. An application can be opened again if need arose for this senior.

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