Does Serenity Lodge deal with residents that have dementia?


It is common for the residents we serve at Serenity Lodge to be showing some form of confusion or to have had a diagnosis of dementia, or early stages of Alzheimer`s disease. We believe  kindness, empathy and dignity are very important tools  for the care plan of such residents.

We  readily welcome residents that have experienced these symptoms. We feel the smaller types of facilities, like Serenity Lodge allow staff  the time to  get to know our residents well.  We can  gently assist and redirect when confusion presents itself.  Supervisory care is always present at the Lodge.  The lower ratios of residents to staff make individual assistance more readily available. Fellow residents bond as families do. We see the love and support offered by fellow residents occurring  as well.

When a resident begins  “to wander“ a reassessment by the DHW Care Coordinator would be required for safety reasons.

“As many as 1 in 13 of our N.S. population over the age of 65 will deal with some form of confusion or dementia.”    (From pg. 4 of Alzheimer’s disease &Other Dementias Course Manual.)


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