What does it cost to live at Serenity Lodge?

The DHW sets a  Daily Per Diem rate for each resident living in any Long Term Care facility that is part of their Continuing Care Sector.

This is set initially during the resident`s application process. Serenity Lodge’s November 1st 2020 max. daily  rate  was set as  a R.C.F.. facility at  $64.50 per day;  no matter what your monthly income may be.

Most residents pay less than this daily rate by submitting their annual income tax Notice of Assessment to the DHW to apply for a decrease in their daily rate. This daily rate is assessed annually and can be changed annually on November 1st.

Serenity Lodge became licensed as a Residential Care Facility in February 2012. Before that date we were a Community Based Option Home.


(Above facts are all taken from www.gov.ns.ca)

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