What is the Nova Scotia Government’s single entry process for entering long term care?

Important Note to Reader:  this is taken from the Nova Scotia Dept of Health and Wellness website.

The term a SEA Participant indicates that admission to the Residential Care Facility
(RCF) is exclusively through the Department of Health’s Single Entry Access (SEA)
system. Eligible residents of SEA Participating RCFs pay an authorized
accommodation charge and have the health care portion of the long term care facility
costs covered by the Department of Health.
If a facility is not a SEA Participant, it means that applicants must apply directly to the
facility and that government subsidy is not available to new residents.
For more information on Residential Care Facilities, please consult the RCF Fact Sheet
on the Department of Health’s website at www.gov.ns.ca/health/ccs .

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