What sets Serenity Lodge apart from other care homes?

We have many special features in our Lodge that enhance our team’s ability to give quality time and care to each of our residents.

  • We are a facility that  strives for excellence in all we do. Excellence is giving our very best to any task we do. Being a small facility we can be more connected within our team and with our residents. We become a support team for each resident and their families. We will be there when the families cannot be.
  • We care for only six residents at a time. Being a small facility gives us the time and energy to have our actions match our words.
  • Respect is very important to Serenity Lodge’s team.
  • We value each  relationship with each resident  that we are privileged to care for at Serenity Lodge .
  •  Intimacy is allowing another ” in to you to see”…..we are  so grateful for the openness that develops between our team of staff  and  the residents and families we serve.  The dignified, compassionate and  loving care  we offer to each resident  helps our residents know how much we honour them.
  • Our completely accessible home becomes the home of each resident living at the Lodge. Each member of our team realizes that we are the visitors, at Serenity Lodge we are there to assist and serve in our residents’ daily living needs.
  • Our care plans are balanced for all our residents’ physical,  social, emotional,  and spiritual needs.
  •  Our  team’s creativity  provides for daily individual recreation times for each resident as well as group events.
  •  Flexibility  for personal care is available with a walk in therapy tub, and  a walk in shower
  • Well balanced, nutritional home cooked meals  and snacks are served  fresh daily.
  • Cleanliness is important for good health and the comfort of all our residents. Cleanliness around us makes our souls peaceful.  We strive to make  Serenity Lodge a  cozy, homey place for the residents to call HOME.
  • All of Serenity Lodge’s team of staff are trained with at the least the DHW minimal requirements.
  • We believe in accountability for the choices we make as a team. We have the courage to acknowledge our mistakes and to learn from them. We believe in being fair in all we do. Confidentiality is required by all staff.  Gossip or criticism has no place in Serenity Lodge.
  • Our residents are encouraged to  be involved with  many activities of daily living as their interests and abilities allow them to be.  We strive to encourage our residents to continue to be as active as possible.
  • Our staff are committed to coming to their workplace alert, enthusiastic and set to use their training efficiently  each shift they work.
  • We have a great appreciation for the wonderful working relationship we have with the Elmsdale Medical Centre. Their Doctors and staff offer us 24 hour support for all medical inquiries that may arise with our residents.
  • Serenity Lodge`s residents can access V.O.N.  Nursing   services  that they may require while living at Serenity Lodge . On the referral of their Doctor; such requests for nursing services, are at no cost to our residents; as Serenity Lodge is their primary home now.
  • Excellent Palliative care services are also available to our residents if the need arises.
  • Enfield`s PharmaChoice as part of our team provides  for  all our medication; aids and any medical supply needs that may arise.
  • The DHW provides a Care Coordinator and a Service Delivery Consultant as support to Serenity Lodge. These are who we, as well as  our residents or their  families  can  turn to, to address any concerns that come up within  our facility.
  • Safety for residents as well as staff  is a priority  for  Serenity Lodge. Orderliness is living  in a way that creates harmony around and within each of us. We have a place for the things we use and we keep  them where they belong. Order and beauty  in our Lodge  brings a sense of peace and serenity.
  • Serenity Lodge  is a Virtues  home/workplace. We value  the opportunity to be guided to our fullest potential using the  “Virtues Project” (www.vcns  for info)   words and strategies. We look for the best in each other and we acknowledge the virtues we see.


Note: It is important to  realize the sooner you call  the 1- 800 number the more choices of care  in the long term care sector you can be offered.

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