What type of care is available to seniors in need through the DHW’s Continuing Care?

As of February 2012, the Department of Health and Wellness has two types of care facilities in their Continuing Care sector; with three levels of care for residents living in these facilities.

1)              A  Residential Care Facility-   there are now a few small facilities with a ratio of 3 residents  to 1 staff

but most R.C.F.’s  are home with up to 8 residents per staff. Serenity Lodge is lucky enough to have a maximum ratio of 6 residents to 1 staff, but 8 hours of the day we have a ratio of 6 residents with two staff.

2)             Nursing Homes- where the ratios are higher and resident care needs higher,  nursing homes have at least one  Registered Nurse 24/7 on site; there is always two staff able to move a resident that requires that  support and a Doctor for on call support 24/7


The lowest level of care is called –Residential Care – where a senior needs daily assistance, but is mobile with or without an aid and understands what an emergency evacuation is. (Placement for these seniors is in R.C.F.’s or some N.H.’s  that have R.C.F. beds)

Level One care- where the resident needs full supervisory care; dementia is likely present. (placement in R.C.F.’s or N.H.’s)

Level Two care – where the resident requires heavier care in a facility that has 24 / 7  for R.N. Nursing Care plus 2 staff min. 24/7 (placement in N.H.’s only)

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